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From "Tomasz Pik" <>
Subject Configure plugins through settings.xml
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2006 13:13:53 GMT

It's currently not possible but generally I think it would be nice to have
possibility to configure plugins through profiles using $HOME/.m2/settings.xml
Here's a simple example why it would be useful:
consider maven-eclipse-plugin and application using spring.
Some developers working on this application using 'plain' Eclipse, some
of them have SpringIDE installed.
So it they want to be able just execute mvn eclipse:eclipse to have
project working in eclipse, there's a need for having two profiles in
main pom.xml, one for eclipse with IDE and one for others.
Now there's another developer using NetBeans, next using only vi
and of course somebody with emacs. They are not interested in
having any Eclipse-related things in project. And 'hints' for
are in fact not a part of project itself. That's why I think there should
be a possibilty to define this in $HOME/.m2/settings.xml, not at project
level. And then if somebody wants to have SpringIDE settings, (s)he
executing mvn -PspringIDE eclipse:eclipse, others use different profiles
(WebTools for example).
I think there may be similar problems with container setup for Cargo
(do I really need to provide 'places' for every containers so developers
may choose them between them?).

I know that such approach, with plugins 'driven by settings.xml' may
not be portable, But, on the other side, does it really makes sense
to put on iblblio poms having profiles for different eclipse settings?

Please, consider adding plugin configuration to profiles in settings.xml


PS or I'm missing a simple solution somewhere?

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