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From Gordon Henriksen <>
Subject Negative caching in the local repository?
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2006 20:10:51 GMT
Since central is usually slow during the day, it can be pretty  
painful that Maven's local repository does not cache negative  
responses. Maybe Maven could stash away the URL and response date for  
404's so that it won't try again for a day or two, unless forced to  
refresh? (5xx's should not be cached, though.)

For instance, if the Eclipse plugin is configured to download the  
source jars, it tries to download the same archives every time, even  
though the source archives do not exist for many artifacts. During  
the day when central is overloaded, this means that generating  
Eclipse projects may take 5 minutes or more for even a moderately  
sized source tree. A similar situation occasionally happens if  
artifacts are missing pom files; xml-apis:xml-apis:1.3.03:jar has no  
pom, for instance, and our build winds up pinging that on a fairly  
regular basis, with an utterly predictable response.

Would be nice if Maven could thread HTTP connections and pipeline  
HTTP requests when possible, too; that could hide some latency from  
central. If central is taking 3 seconds to respond to each GET, that  
adds up to 60 seconds pretty quickly.

— G

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