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From "Mike Perham" <>
Subject multi-module build versions
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2006 15:19:49 GMT
I started this thread over on the user list but haven't seen any replies
of merit.

In summary, I have two projects: domain and services.  Both projects are
at version 1.2.2-SNAPSHOT.  services 1.2.2-SNAPSHOT depends on domain
1.2.1.  When I try to build both in a multi-module build, services is
getting domain 1.2.2-SNAPSHOT in its classpath, not 1.2.1.

When I turn on debugging I see this:

[DEBUG]   active project artifact:
	artifact = com.webify.fabric:fabric-pm-domain:jar:1.2.1:compile;
	project: org.apache.maven.project.MavenProject@38f7f3e9
(selected for compile) 

The problem is that the domain's project version in the reactor is
1.2.2-SNAPSHOT but the dependent artifact's version is 1.2.1.  Why isn't
Maven taking the version into account when "overriding" the dependency
to replace it with the project during build?


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