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From "Mike Perham" <>
Subject Removing default manifest entries
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2006 13:49:12 GMT
I'm working on MJAR-38 and I don't like how Maven adds some arbitrary
manifest entries.  Specifically I'm referring to Specification-Title and
Specification-Vendor.  The patch for this issue allows the user to
override these entries defined by Maven but I would actually just like
to remove them so Maven does not create these entries at all.  The user
can still define them in their pom.  Is there any reason to keep these
entries (backwards compatability or some other reason)?

        if ( project.getDescription() != null )
            addManifestAttribute( m, entries, "Specification-Title",
project.getDescription() );

        if ( project.getOrganization() != null )
            addManifestAttribute( m, entries, "Specification-Vendor",
project.getOrganization().getName() );

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