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From "Stephane Nicoll" <>
Subject Re: [vote] [m1] release xdoc-plugin-1.10
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2006 19:06:11 GMT


On 6/6/06, Lukas Theussl <> wrote:
> Hi again,
> This is a big one so I do it separately. The xdoc-plugin-1.10 has been
> feature complete since a while, but with the re-introduction of xerces
> into the core and the upcoming dom4j upgrade (which it should be
> compatible with), it is only now that I'd like to release it. There are
> quite a few changes since the last version so I'd appreciate some
> sincere testing, even though I've had already feedback from a few people
> who had used the snapshots successfully.
> The future docs are here:
> One thing that is left to do is get the dtd file on the main apache site
> ( ), can somebody tell me
> what needs to be done for that?
> +1 from me and 72h to vote.
> Cheers,
> -Lukas
> ===============================================================================
> Changes in this version include:
>    New Features:
> o Add a public DTD identifier for xdoc. Fixes MPXDOC-192.
> o Allow the use of items' attributes 'target' and 'img' for breadcrumbs
>    entries in the navigation file.
> o New attribute fileSuffix for the tag doc:registerReport allow to use
>    another extension than '.html' for a report link.
> o Include instructions for ClearCase, Starteam and Perforce access in the
>    scm-usage page.
> o Include dependencies' scope in dependencies page. Fixes MPXDOC-191.
> o Include the new theme maven-stylus.css. Fixes MPXDOC-190.
> o Document the use of pom settings by the xdoc plugin. Fixes MPXDOC-189.
> o Enable user-defined custom templates. Fixes MPXDOC-183. Thanks to Niall
>    Pemberton.
> o New goal xdoc:sitemap to generate a sitemap. Fixes MPXDOC-164.
> o Perform JSL transforms on xdocs only when they have changed. Fixes
>    MPXDOC-141. Thanks to M. Sean Gilligan.
> o Add xdoc tag library documentation to the plugin site. Fixes MPXDOC-169.
> o Add support for more powered-by banners. Fixes MPXDOC-126. Thanks to
>    Maarten Coene.
> o Support global theme. Fixes MPXDOC-80. Thanks to Joerg Schaible.
> o Add a navigation bar. Fixes MPXDOC-24. Thanks to Gilles Dodinet.
> o Add an optional id tag to sub/sections, so they can be referenced. Fixes
>    MPXDOC-158.
> o Add a property to override navigation.xml. Fixes MPXDOC-144.
> o Show organization in header even if logo not set. Fixes MPXDOC-127.
> Thanks
>    to Shinobu Kawai Yoshida.
>    Fixed bugs:
> o Fix xml entities in xdoc source files (only in Maven 1.1 because of a bug
>    in an old Jelly version). Fixes MPXDOC-17.
> o Add i18n support for links and breadcrumbs. Fixes MPXDOC-194.
> o Display the "external link" icon only if the link host is different from
>    the project url (pom.url).
> o CVS usage page is blank when using Subversion. Fixes MPXDOC-130.
> o Fix broken and navigation-bottom. Fixes
>    MPXDOC-185.
> o Correct cvs checkout instructions on cvs-usage page. Fixes MPXDOC-187.
> o Url and timezone not used for contributor. Fixes MPXDOC-125. Thanks to
>    Shinobu Kawai Yoshida.
> o Mailing list links break if the address starts with http. Fixes
> MPXDOC-186.
> o Internationalized sites have no images. Fixes MPXDOC-177.
> o maven.ui.navcol.width has no effect. Fixes MPXDOC-178. Thanks to Phil
>    Steitz.
> o When there's no user provided documentation, some generated docs don't
> get
>    copied to site. Fixes MPXDOC-176.
> o Menus with type="header" are not processed by site.jsl. Fixes MPXDOC-175.
>    Thanks to Phil Steitz.
> o Unclear error message when <currentVersion/> in project.xml file not
>    defined. Fixes MPXDOC-174.
> o Fix xdoc:validate. Fixes MPXDOC-87.
> o One cannot call xdoc:copy-user-resources directly. Fixes MPXDOC-106.
> Thanks
>    to Jerome Lacoste.
> o Ampersands in navigation.xml being escaped twice. Fixes MPXDOC-47.
> o Ampersand in section/subsection not correct. Fixes MPXDOC-133.
> o Downloads report cannot be disabled for child projects. Fixes MPXDOC-104.
>    Thanks to Rafal Krzewski.
>    Changes:
> o Replace the deprecated xmlParserAPIs by xml-apis 1.3.03. Fixes
> MAVEN-1753.
> o An image can be used in the menu entry for a report.
> o Item name is always displayed even if img attribute is setted. In the
>    navigation file the new attribute 'hideName' can be used to hide the
> name
>    in the link (if you want to display only the image for example).
> o In breadcrumbs, use for the project's name nav.title if defined,
>    otherwise.
> o The name of the cvs-usage page has changed to scm-usage.html. If you
> have a
>    link directly to this page, you will have to update it.
> o Update dependencies to match ones in maven 1.1 core and to unify them
>    between plugins. The following dependencies are updated : commons-jelly
>    v1.0-RC1 -> v1.0 commons-logging v1.0.3 -> v1.0.4 maven-model v3.0.0
>    -> v3.0.1 Fixes MAVEN-1712.
> ===============================================================================
> To automatically install the plugin, type the following on a single line:
> maven plugin:download
> -Dmaven.repo.remote=,
> -DgroupId=maven -DartifactId=maven-xdoc-plugin -Dversion=1.10-SNAPSHOT
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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