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From Lukas Theussl <>
Subject Re: [vote] [m1] release xdoc-plugin-1.10
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2006 04:53:59 GMT
Thanks Dennis! See my comments in-line.

> - There is no longer a pdf.gif file under /images/. 

This was deleted by Arnaud in rev 386905 
(, and moved to 
the pdf plugin. Is there an issue with that?

> - The "Downloads" link always shows up in the left hand navbar.

I built the beanutils page myself and I do not see the Download link. 
This link is only generated when the property 
'maven.xdoc.distributionUrl' is defined, however, I don't think this 
behavior has changed since xdoc-1.9.2.

> - On some components [beanutils] the title is missing "Downloads" after 
> the project name, on the downloads page.
> - On some components [beanutils] the title is missing "Source 
> repository" after the project name, on the scm-usage page.

Do you have a component where there is a title? - I don't see one 
anywhere, but you have that problem already on your current site (eg which was 
built with xdoc-plugin-1.9.2 (I presume). It's due to an issue with your 
custom site.jsl (commons-site.jsl) file, it doesn't take into account 
that the standart Maven-generated pages are fully internationalized. I'd 
have to take a closer look to see how to fix it, but anyway, this is not 
an issue caused by xdoc-plugin-1.10.

> - The "Development process" link in the navbar now goes to a generated 
> page, which contains a link, instead of going to the url directly.

See, apparently I forgot to 
add it to the changes.xml file. Will do.

> - The file rename from cvs-usage to scm-usage will mean some work for 
> us, but the change is well documented and it is "the right thing" to do.


You didn't cast a vote but IMO these are all non-blocking issues (if 
issues at all), so I take it that we can go ahead with the release?

Thanks again for the testing and the feedback,


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