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From Lukas Theussl <>
Subject Re: Removing default manifest entries
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2006 18:40:41 GMT

The manifest creation has changed in the last release of the m1 jar 
plugin [1], which I did a few weeks ago. It was basically done in 
accordance with this issue [1]. I discussed it with Stephane a few days 
ago as he implemented the same thing in the m1 war plugin (to be 
released soon) and we seemed to agree that this is a good way to do it. 
The basic requirement is that a user should be able to get 
specification/version information about any class/package he is using 
via the methods of the java.lang.Package class [2]. Therefore, I think 
it is a good idea to have Maven fill in some default values, as long as 
the user is able to override them. The only thing I would change now is 
to use for Specification-Title (instead of pom.shortDescription).



Brett Porter wrote:
> I think this was compatible with how it had been done in Maven 1.
> - Brett
> Mike Perham wrote:
>> I'm working on MJAR-38 and I don't like how Maven adds some arbitrary
>> manifest entries.  Specifically I'm referring to Specification-Title and
>> Specification-Vendor.  The patch for this issue allows the user to
>> override these entries defined by Maven but I would actually just like
>> to remove them so Maven does not create these entries at all.  The user
>> can still define them in their pom.  Is there any reason to keep these
>> entries (backwards compatability or some other reason)?
>>         if ( project.getDescription() != null )
>>         {
>>             addManifestAttribute( m, entries, "Specification-Title",
>> project.getDescription() );
>>         }
>>         if ( project.getOrganization() != null )
>>         {
>>             addManifestAttribute( m, entries, "Specification-Vendor",
>> project.getOrganization().getName() );
>>         }
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