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From Brett Porter <>
Subject building plexus based apps with jetty6
Date Thu, 08 Jun 2006 08:28:13 GMT

Just a note for those interested in the repository manager, and I guess 
Continuum trunk - if you are using jetty6 beta-12 or above, you need to 
run this instead:

mvn jetty6:run -Dorg.mortbay.jetty.webapp.parentLoaderPriorty=true

(Typo is deliberate)

There was a change in beta-12 where the classloading went to "webapp 
style" instead of "java2 style", and that means that the webapp winds up 
with stuff from the maven core where it never used to (yes, that sounds 
back to front to me too, I haven't figured out what is going on yet). 
The above parameter uses java2 style (parent first).

See JETTY-62 for more info.


Brett Porter <>
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