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From Edwin Punzalan <>
Subject Re: Configure plugins through settings.xml
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2006 08:13:15 GMT

Although not a real solution, but I have a workaround for some of the 
use cases.  Some parameters of the plugins similar to ${parameter} can 
be configured inside settings.xml... just use <properties>.


Tomasz Pik wrote:
> Hello,
> It's currently not possible but generally I think it would be nice to 
> have
> possibility to configure plugins through profiles using 
> $HOME/.m2/settings.xml
> Here's a simple example why it would be useful:
> consider maven-eclipse-plugin and application using spring.
> Some developers working on this application using 'plain' Eclipse, some
> of them have SpringIDE installed.
> So it they want to be able just execute mvn eclipse:eclipse to have
> project working in eclipse, there's a need for having two profiles in
> main pom.xml, one for eclipse with IDE and one for others.
> Now there's another developer using NetBeans, next using only vi
> and of course somebody with emacs. They are not interested in
> having any Eclipse-related things in project. And 'hints' for
> maven-eclipse-plugin
> are in fact not a part of project itself. That's why I think there should
> be a possibilty to define this in $HOME/.m2/settings.xml, not at project
> level. And then if somebody wants to have SpringIDE settings, (s)he
> executing mvn -PspringIDE eclipse:eclipse, others use different profiles
> (WebTools for example).
> I think there may be similar problems with container setup for Cargo
> (do I really need to provide 'places' for every containers so developers
> may choose them between them?).
> I know that such approach, with plugins 'driven by settings.xml' may
> not be portable, But, on the other side, does it really makes sense
> to put on iblblio poms having profiles for different eclipse settings?
> Please, consider adding plugin configuration to profiles in settings.xml
> Tomek
> PS or I'm missing a simple solution somewhere?
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