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From Lukas Theussl <>
Subject [vote] [m1] release xdoc-plugin-1.10
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2006 17:44:40 GMT
Hi again,

This is a big one so I do it separately. The xdoc-plugin-1.10 has been 
feature complete since a while, but with the re-introduction of xerces 
into the core and the upcoming dom4j upgrade (which it should be 
compatible with), it is only now that I'd like to release it. There are 
quite a few changes since the last version so I'd appreciate some 
sincere testing, even though I've had already feedback from a few people 
who had used the snapshots successfully.

The future docs are here:

One thing that is left to do is get the dtd file on the main apache site 
( ), can somebody tell me 
what needs to be done for that?

+1 from me and 72h to vote.



Changes in this version include:

   New Features:

o Add a public DTD identifier for xdoc. Fixes MPXDOC-192.
o Allow the use of items' attributes 'target' and 'img' for breadcrumbs
   entries in the navigation file.
o New attribute fileSuffix for the tag doc:registerReport allow to use
   another extension than '.html' for a report link.
o Include instructions for ClearCase, Starteam and Perforce access in the
   scm-usage page.
o Include dependencies' scope in dependencies page. Fixes MPXDOC-191.
o Include the new theme maven-stylus.css. Fixes MPXDOC-190.
o Document the use of pom settings by the xdoc plugin. Fixes MPXDOC-189.
o Enable user-defined custom templates. Fixes MPXDOC-183. Thanks to Niall
o New goal xdoc:sitemap to generate a sitemap. Fixes MPXDOC-164.
o Perform JSL transforms on xdocs only when they have changed. Fixes
   MPXDOC-141. Thanks to M. Sean Gilligan.
o Add xdoc tag library documentation to the plugin site. Fixes MPXDOC-169.
o Add support for more powered-by banners. Fixes MPXDOC-126. Thanks to
   Maarten Coene.
o Support global theme. Fixes MPXDOC-80. Thanks to Joerg Schaible.
o Add a navigation bar. Fixes MPXDOC-24. Thanks to Gilles Dodinet.
o Add an optional id tag to sub/sections, so they can be referenced. Fixes
o Add a property to override navigation.xml. Fixes MPXDOC-144.
o Show organization in header even if logo not set. Fixes MPXDOC-127. 
   to Shinobu Kawai Yoshida.

   Fixed bugs:

o Fix xml entities in xdoc source files (only in Maven 1.1 because of a bug
   in an old Jelly version). Fixes MPXDOC-17.
o Add i18n support for links and breadcrumbs. Fixes MPXDOC-194.
o Display the "external link" icon only if the link host is different from
   the project url (pom.url).
o CVS usage page is blank when using Subversion. Fixes MPXDOC-130.
o Fix broken and navigation-bottom. Fixes
o Correct cvs checkout instructions on cvs-usage page. Fixes MPXDOC-187.
o Url and timezone not used for contributor. Fixes MPXDOC-125. Thanks to
   Shinobu Kawai Yoshida.
o Mailing list links break if the address starts with http. Fixes 
o Internationalized sites have no images. Fixes MPXDOC-177.
o maven.ui.navcol.width has no effect. Fixes MPXDOC-178. Thanks to Phil
o When there's no user provided documentation, some generated docs don't 
   copied to site. Fixes MPXDOC-176.
o Menus with type="header" are not processed by site.jsl. Fixes MPXDOC-175.
   Thanks to Phil Steitz.
o Unclear error message when <currentVersion/> in project.xml file not
   defined. Fixes MPXDOC-174.
o Fix xdoc:validate. Fixes MPXDOC-87.
o One cannot call xdoc:copy-user-resources directly. Fixes MPXDOC-106. 
   to Jerome Lacoste.
o Ampersands in navigation.xml being escaped twice. Fixes MPXDOC-47.
o Ampersand in section/subsection not correct. Fixes MPXDOC-133.
o Downloads report cannot be disabled for child projects. Fixes MPXDOC-104.
   Thanks to Rafal Krzewski.


o Replace the deprecated xmlParserAPIs by xml-apis 1.3.03. Fixes 
o An image can be used in the menu entry for a report.
o Item name is always displayed even if img attribute is setted. In the
   navigation file the new attribute 'hideName' can be used to hide the 
   in the link (if you want to display only the image for example).
o In breadcrumbs, use for the project's name nav.title if defined,
o The name of the cvs-usage page has changed to scm-usage.html. If you 
have a
   link directly to this page, you will have to update it.
o Update dependencies to match ones in maven 1.1 core and to unify them
   between plugins. The following dependencies are updated : commons-jelly
   v1.0-RC1 -> v1.0 commons-logging v1.0.3 -> v1.0.4 maven-model v3.0.0
   -> v3.0.1 Fixes MAVEN-1712.


To automatically install the plugin, type the following on a single line:

maven plugin:download 
-DgroupId=maven -DartifactId=maven-xdoc-plugin -Dversion=1.10-SNAPSHOT

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