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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Negative caching in the local repository?
Date Sat, 03 Jun 2006 04:05:28 GMT
These are all things I have given thought to and would like to see them 
worked on in Maven 2.1/2.2. There are a couple of jira issues already 
filed for some of these specifics.

- Brett

Gordon Henriksen wrote:
> Since central is usually slow during the day, it can be pretty painful 
> that Maven's local repository does not cache negative responses. Maybe 
> Maven could stash away the URL and response date for 404's so that it 
> won't try again for a day or two, unless forced to refresh? (5xx's 
> should not be cached, though.)
> For instance, if the Eclipse plugin is configured to download the source 
> jars, it tries to download the same archives every time, even though the 
> source archives do not exist for many artifacts. During the day when 
> central is overloaded, this means that generating Eclipse projects may 
> take 5 minutes or more for even a moderately sized source tree. A 
> similar situation occasionally happens if artifacts are missing pom 
> files; xml-apis:xml-apis:1.3.03:jar has no pom, for instance, and our 
> build winds up pinging that on a fairly regular basis, with an utterly 
> predictable response.
> Would be nice if Maven could thread HTTP connections and pipeline HTTP 
> requests when possible, too; that could hide some latency from central. 
> If central is taking 3 seconds to respond to each GET, that adds up to 
> 60 seconds pretty quickly.
> — G
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