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From Nicolas De Loof <>
Subject detect maven1 / maven2 from a custom proxy
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2006 09:57:18 GMT


The existing projects in my compagny use maven1. New projects may start 
using maven2.
We use a private repository based on a maven-proxy and a directory for 
private/restricted libs.

I'd like to convert the private repo to maven2 structure and reconfigure 
the proxy to user as repo.

To allow maven1 projects to use this "converted" repo, I've created a 
simple servletFilter to translate maven1 requests to maven2 pattern 
(I've used the RewriteRule regexp used at ibilio for this).

Now I'd like to automagically detect which version of maven is used. 
 From my experiments, maven1 uses commons-httpclient and maven2 uses 
java native HTTP support :
using maven 1 user-agent = Jakarta Commons-HttpClient/2.0.2
using maven 2 user-agent = Java/1.4.2_06

Is there any safer way to detect maven version from the proxy point of 
view ?
Are there plan to make maven2 use commons-httpclient ?


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