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Subject [jira] Subscription: Outstanding Repository Maintenance: Uploads
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2006 02:04:41 GMT
Issue Subscription
Filter: Outstanding Repository Maintenance: Uploads (18 issues)
Subscriber: mavendevlist

Key         Summary
MAVENUPLOAD-944Version 1.1 of UISPec4J
MAVENUPLOAD-933Please add Java Web Parts to iBiblio Maven repository
MAVENUPLOAD-902Maven JSAR Plugin - Manage Multi-file Javascript dependencies! 
MAVENUPLOAD-895Upload request for NLOG4J 1.2.25
MAVENUPLOAD-941Fluent API Plugin for JAXB RI 2.0.1 XJC
MAVENUPLOAD-940Upload Stripes 1.3.2 to maven2 repository
MAVENUPLOAD-939Simple Log 1.7 upload bundle request
MAVENUPLOAD-936Upload Click 0.20 bundles
MAVENUPLOAD-921Databinder & data-app 0.5 upload request
MAVENUPLOAD-930Upload request for objectweb howl logger
MAVENUPLOAD-925Java Bean Library
MAVENUPLOAD-894Updating jmdns to 1.0
MAVENUPLOAD-914commons-collections 3.2 not sync'd from apache repo
MAVENUPLOAD-904mstor 0.9.8 - Maven bundle
MAVENUPLOAD-789Tomcat 5.5.15 poms for existing jars
MAVENUPLOAD-735Please upload com.sun.xml:xalan 1.0.4
MAVENUPLOAD-736Please upload com.sun.xml:xercesImpl 1.0.4

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