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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: [m2] Problem having the parent on the same level as the children using the site-plugin
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2006 20:43:32 GMT
I agree, and I don't underestand why it fails in the parent (I
understand why it would impact the children and it should be used in any

Can you drop that test case into JIRA?

Dennis Lundberg wrote:
> I did not have <relativePath/> set at all. If I set that in module-1 a
> link from the parent site to module-1 shows up in the menu. So that
> solved my problem, thanks.
> However I'm a bit confused as to why this is needed. The parent has all
> the knowledge it needs about the children from the <modules/> section in
> the parent's pom. The reason for putting a <relativePath/> in a child
> would so that the child would know about its parent, like for creating a
> link from the child to the parent. IMHO the rendering of the parent site
> should not need <relativePath/> in its children to be able to create
> links to the child sites.

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