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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: [m1] download source archive for IDE integration
Date Sun, 08 Jan 2006 18:07:09 GMT
Stephane Nicoll wrote:
> Hi,
> The maven one source plugin is now available in the plugins sandbox. I
> hope it will be included in the core plugins asap. I can provide help
> if anything needs to be improved/fixed.
> Now we have a way to deploy the source archive to the repository, I
> would like to integrate them with IDE plugins. Milos has already
> updated the mevenide plugin, so that's fine.
> Eclipse is the main next target. I would like to reuse maven
> capabilities without reinventing the wheel. Some questions:
> * Is there any way to hook into maven core to request the download of
> some 'dependency'? Adding a dependency with type <java-sources> should
> do the trick (but the one groupId / artifactId per project's
> limitation) but I would like this to be done automatically

You can use Wagon, then put in some of the infrastructure yourself if
you want to avoid having a dependency on the the maven.jar. Otherwise,
you need to use HttpUtils, etc:

> * If it is not possible, I can use HttpUtils, DownloadMeter and stuff
> like that but I need the list of repositories, the proxy settings,
> etc. Any way to retrieve the project's properties from Java souce code
> invoked from Jelly (jellyBean).

I thought HttpUtils wrapped everything else already (see
plugin:download). It possibly omits some of the settings.

To pass in project stuff, make them fields on the bean and do the
settings in the Jelly, eg:


> Any other suggestion to implement this use case?

Nope, just my previous suggestion about mimicing how m2 does it, and if
you do more than m2 does, file issues on the m2 plugins to implement it

- Brett

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