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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: commit logs (svn commit: r365696)
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2006 21:03:53 GMT
Brett Porter wrote:
> I still have a problem with this template. Sorry to keep bringing this
> up, but I'd really like consistency in this area.
> Eugene made a good point about why the summary should go first, and why
> we should be consistent:

That's not a problem, and we can try to get everything useful in a 
single line for things like Mylar.

> Personally, I find the URL useless, but I have no problem with it being
> an optional addition for those that are tooled up.

If you actually look at the way Mylar works it pulls everything in from 
JIRA using URLs. Mylar can actually use the URL to pull up the issue in 
a view. I actually think it's pretty important for other tools 
especially for navigation to the source i.e. JIRA. Mylar doesn't know 
how to look at  a POM to construct the URL with just the issue key. But 
both the Eclipse and IDEA plugins use the web interface to retrieve 
information so if you whipped up a change log a view could immediately 
be made for the issue. Mylar actually brings up a browser so you can 
make changes right there.

> I don't think we should include the reporter in here. They are not
> always the most relevant person to the issue (often, someone else did
> most of the analysis or work/patch).
> I think its essential we capture the person that submitted a patch fix
> fore record keeping. And I'd like to keep using Submitted by: for that
> so that one day we can pull those from the logs and update <contributors>.

I'm not sure I see that as important provided you have navigation back 
to the issue. Whether that be typing in the key or using the URL. If 
we're going to populate contributors elements it would probably make 
more sense to take them from the source in JIRA and not from second hand 
information. You probably want the users full information for a 
contributor element and JIRA has more information.

If we want something easy to type how about the key and summary. Then we 
can navigate back to JIRA to harvest anything we want and it's a single 
line. Maybe something we can use with future tooling in mind:

MNG-2010 implemented the maven mind reader to pre-write all user 
documentation requests

The url can be optional. I use it all the time and I know it would be 
useful in Mylar.

> - Brett
> wrote:
>>       PR: SUREFIRE-26
>>      URL:
>>  Summary: Child delegation flag not being honoured in forked tests
>> Reporter: Hiram Chirino
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