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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Maven Wiki] Update of "M2UserDocs/040UsingMvn" by cseg
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2006 16:35:02 GMT
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New page:
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= Using mvn =

Maven2 is invoked using the '''mvn''' command.
 * try '''mvn --help''' to get a quick overview of mvn command line options

The mvn options you might find most useful are:
 * '''mvn -up'''        ''update your downloaded components to their latest versions''
 * '''mvn -N'''         ''no recursion: do not decend into subprojects''
 * '''mvn -e'''         ''show full exception stack trace''
 * '''mvn -Dppp=vvv'''  ''define system property ppp with value vvv''
 * '''mvn -f pomfile''' ''use alternate pom.xml file''
 * '''mvn -s settngsfile''' ''use alternate settings.xml file''

Amost always, the '''mvn''' command is issued '''inside''' of your project directory.  The
exception is when you are '''creating''' a new project.  

You may create a project directory anywhere.  


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