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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Maven Wiki] Update of "M2UserDocs/030Maven2Installation" by cseg
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2006 15:44:45 GMT
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The following page has been changed by cseg:

  = Installing Maven2 =
  Maven2 can be downloaded from the [ Maven2 download
site].  The Maven2 installation file has a root name of '''maven-2.n.n-bin''' and comes in
three flavors:
-  * .zip
-  * .tar.bz2
-  * .tar.gz
+  * maven-2.n.n'''.zip'''
+  * maven-2.n.n'''.tar.gz'''
+  * maven-2.n.n'''.tar.bz2'''
- All three files have identical content.  To download and install Maven2 on Windows XP:
+ All three files have identical content.  
+ On windows, you may find the '''.zip''' file the easiest to use.  
-  1. Go to the '''[ Maven2 download site]'''
-  1. Find and click on the '''''' file (or which every flavor you prefer)
-  1. This takes you to a mirrors page.  Click on the '''first (suggested) mirror''', set
apart at the top of the page.
-  1. '''Open''' the download to skip having to save it to disk.
-  1. Depending on how your browser is configured, some '''zip-handling application''' will
-  1. If an Explorer window opens which contains a folder named '''maven-2.n.n'''
-     a. Click the '''Extract all files''' link on the left side of the Explorer window.
-     a. In the first '''Extraction Wizard''' window, click '''Next'''.
-     a. In the '''Select a Destination''' window, click '''Browse''', then select the location
to place the extracted '''maven-2.n.n''' folder
-        * perhaps in '''My Computer''' at the top of your '''Local Disk (C:)'''
-     a. Press '''OK''' to select the folder that will contain the new '''maven-2.n.n''' folder
-        * '''Make a note of this location''' because you will need to add the maven-2.n.n\bin
folder to your PATH
-     a. Press '''Next''' to begin extracting the folder
-     a. In the '''Extraction Complete''' window, click '''Finish'''
-  1. If some other Zip-handling application opens (such as Winzip or 7-Zip), then
-     * extract the '''maven-2.n.n''' folder to a directory of your choice
-     * make a note of the location of the extracted '''maven-2.n.n''' folder
- The extacted '''maven-2.n.n''' folder will have a '''bin''' subdirectory.  Add the location
of the extracted '''maven-2.n.n\bin''' folder to your PATH.  On Windows:
+ In other environments, choose the one that is most suitable.
-  1. Click '''Start'''
-  1. Select '''Control Panel'''
-  1. Select '''System'''
-  1. Click the '''Advanced''' tab
-  1. Click the '''Environmental Variables''' button
-  1. Find and select the '''Path''' variable
-  1. Click the '''Edit''' button
-  1. In the '''Variable value''' field, append:
-     * ''';''<extraction folder>''\maven-2.n.n\bin'''
-     * notice the '''semi-colon''' which is needed to separate this entry from the previous
-     * replace '''''<extraction folder>''''' with the location you extracted to
-     * replace '''n.n''' with the actual version numbers of your download
-  1. Press '''OK''' to accept the modified Path value.
-  1. Press '''OK''' again to update your environment.
-  1. Press '''OK''' again in the System Properties window.
- To test your installation, open a command window:
-  * Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt
- Type '''mvn --help''' at the command prompt.  You should see output that looks like this:
- {{{
- C:\> mvn --help   
- usage: mvn [options] [<goal(s)>] [<phase(s)>]
- Options:
-  -C,--strict-checksums         Fail the build if checksums don't match
-  -c,--lax-checksums            Warn if checksums don't match
-  -P,--activate-profiles        Comma-delimited list of profiles to
-                                activate
-  -ff,--fail-fast               Stop at first failure in reactorized builds
-  -fae,--fail-at-end            Only fail the build afterwards; allow all
-                                non-impacted builds to continue
-  -B,--batch-mode               Run in non-interactive (batch) mode
-  -fn,--fail-never              NEVER fail the build, regardless of project
-                                result
-  -up,--update-plugins          Synonym for cpu
-  -N,--non-recursive            Do not recurse into sub-projects
-  -npr,--no-plugin-registry     Don't use ~/.m2/plugin-registry.xml for
-                                plugin versions
-  -U,--update-snapshots         Update all snapshots regardless of
-                                repository policies
-  -cpu,--check-plugin-updates   Force upToDate check for any relevant
-                                registered plugins
-  -npu,--no-plugin-updates      Suppress upToDate check for any relevant
-                                registered plugins
-  -D,--define                   Define a system property
-  -X,--debug                    Produce execution debug output
-  -e,--errors                   Produce execution error messages
-  -f,--file                     Force the use of an alternate POM file.
-  -h,--help                     Display help information
-  -o,--offline                  Work offline
-  -r,--reactor                  Execute goals for project found in the
-                                reactor
-  -s,--settings                 Alternate path for the user settings file
-  -v,--version                  Display version information
- }}}
- ##[[Navigation(siblings)]]

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