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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: I18n site
Date Tue, 03 May 2005 04:31:48 GMT
It's pure Java, so the localization should be significantly easier.

There are a couple of approaches:
- for Maven 1.0.x, we could make a jelly wrapper that mimics the
existing functionality, and calls into the java plugin jar.
- for Maven 1.1.x, we can probably have the core load them directly
fairly easily, and add a mapping file to do the same goal mimicing.

The first steps will have to be to separate some of the jumbled
functionality (like report registration in xdoc instead of site, etc).
Another alternative is that xdoc stays as is and becomes deprecated, and
the new functionality is introduced into the site plugin as "v 2.0".

It is definitely more work - but in the long run it will be much much less.

Just thinking out loud at this point - I think right after alpha-2 is
released (2 weeks) is a good time to do this. It's up to you about how
much more work localizing m1 will take as to whether it is worth doing
it first... I thought it was basically done, so worth finishing first
and saving this work until later, but it is starting to appear to be the
opposite (especially with all the dom4j/jaxen problems hitting the site
in maven 1.1).

- Brett

Arnaud HERITIER wrote:

>>Are you sure you wouldn't rather invest this effort into the 
>>m2 localization? :)
>How could we investigate on this ?
>Is there some tests on how to integrate a m2 plugin in m1 ?
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