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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Releasing issues
Date Sun, 01 May 2005 13:32:17 GMT
We've been through it before, though probably in relation to m2.

I believe it is June this year that 1.3 is no longer supported by Sun,
joining the ranks of 1.2.

Again, it is only what you have to run, not what you are targetting -
you can still build for 1.1.

Are there any operating systems that have a working 1.3 JVM, and not a
working 1.4 JVM?

I don't want to keep going over this, and it'll take some time to work
back to 1.3 compatibility for little gain.  I'll list it on the roadmap
now, and post to the users list.


Arnaud HERITIER wrote:

>>Maven 1.1 will only support JDK 1.4. I say we bit the bullet 
>>all round.
>>1.3 has started EOL anyway.
>It's a very important think that I didn't know.
>I'm not sure that it will not create problem for business uses...
>Mustn't we ask this to the users list ?
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