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From John Casey <>
Subject Re: [M2] Need for 2 test resource dirs?
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2005 15:15:57 GMT
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This is just my 2 cents, but I've always found it pretty easy to do
something similar to:

ClassLoader cloader = Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader();
URL resource = cloader.getResource("/classpath/relative/path");

File theFileIWantToUse = new File(resource.getPath());

Since you know that path to be in the test resources, it shouldn't have
a problem resolving it to a file when you need it...

Is there some reason for explicitly excluding some resources from the
classpath (are they getting in the way of legitimate test/class resources)?

As for adding a convenience method to retrieve a file from
external-resources, I'd be a little worried about tethering my test
classes to maven in this case. I've often seen the case where a test
expects to be run from a particular ${user.dir} and will break if it
isn't, due to relative pathing problems. Additionally, I've seen the
case where running a test in an IDE results in a different ${user.dir}
being used than what maven might do. So there is a question of
consistency if you're going to offer that type of method or whatever to
help tests resolve those files.

I'd also be a little hesitant to offer this type of facility through
surefire, because then you have to approximate it in your IDE if you
want to run the test from there...or any other test harness which would
otherwise be capable of running that test, for that matter.

Again, this is just some food for thought. If you have a use case where
the aforementioned 3 lines of code wouldn't suffice, can you explain it
a little more? I'm interested in covering the bases here, but don't want
to cross the line into code that's unpredictable if we can avoid that.



Vincent Massol wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to convert the Cargo build to m2. I have some junit tests that
> require external resources like WARs, EARs. I have initially put them in
> src/test/resources but I'm wondering if this is the right place.
> Indeed, resources put in src/test/resources will get copied to the test
> execution classpath which is not required for my junit tests. They need a
> reference to the File objects.
> Thus I'm wondering if there isn't the need for 2 standard test resource
> dirs:
> 1/ src/test/resources
> 2/ src/test/resources-external (or some other name)
> 1/ would get copied to the test CP while 2/ would not.
> Also, we could add a default system property in the surefire plugin so that
> tests can easily get a reference object pointing to
> src/test/resources-external.
> What's m2 developer's view on this?
> Thanks
> -Vincent
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