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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: New Type of Reactor Tag
Date Sat, 05 Feb 2005 09:33:13 GMT
I understand your use case, and it could definitely be easier, but can't 
you do this by setting the following properties on deployable-one-project:

Then run the normal goals on the deployable one, and do similarly for 
the other deployable projects?

- Brett

Brian Cochran wrote:

>Forgive me if someone has already discussed this but I thought it was
>important to volunteer an idea.
>Suppose you set up projects using a flat, not hierarchal directory
>structure. In this case I want to rely on the project.xml dependency
>structures only to designate parent and child projects. We use this
>structure to obtain an m to n mapping between "deliverable projects
>(zips, ears, wars, etc.) and component projects (jars, wars, etc.)
>thus encouraging more project Independence.
>Here is an example of how we would set up a couple different J2EE projects.
>           /core-jar-project
>           /ejb-jar project
>           /war-one-project
>           /ear-one-project
>           /war-two-project
>           /database-one-project (this may produce a zip file that can
>be extracted and run on  a database)
>           /database-two-project
>           /deployable-one-project (maybe this is a zip of the ear-one
>and database-one)
>           /deployable-two-project
>The two deliverable projects "one" and "two" above are relying on a
>core set of components, but are not separated by folder structure. The
>hierarchy is described completely in the project.xml's dependencies,
>not the folder hierarchy. This of course also means that each
>developer can organize the projects in his or her development
>environment however he feels necessary. Adding a new project is also
>easier. For example, creating a project "three" would not involve
>duplicating the hierarchy of the individual components.
>Of course the problem arises when one wants to do a multi project
>build for a specific deliverable. In the above example, this is very
>difficult as doing a regular multi project reactor based build will
>build project "one" and project "two" even though I am only working on
>project "one".
>To address this issue, we built a new tag based on the reactor tag
>called reconcile. This tag behaves very similarly to the reactor tag,
>but instead of finding the relationships between all projects. It only
>searches dependent projects from the current project. For example, I
>execute the following command to build all components (that I have
>checked out) relating to project one.
>projects/deployable-one-project> maven reconcile:install 
>This would cause all projects in the dependency chain of project one
>to build, but not project two.
>If anyone is interested in this, please let me know.
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