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From Corey Scott <>
Subject Problem dynamically excluding some tests
Date Fri, 03 Dec 2004 07:24:44 GMT
Currently I am trying to exclude a certain set of tests from running
on different machines based on their operation system.  Basically I
have some DB code which has ODBC tests that I dont want to run on my
Redhat server but I want to run them on my XP desktop.

I currently have the following settings:

Extract from my POM:
<!-- Unit test cases -->

Extract from my maven.xml:
<preGoal name="test">
<!-- Exclude MsAccess (ODBC) tests from Non-Windows runs -->
	<j:when test="${systemScope[''].startsWith('Windows')}">
	<ant:echo>Including MsAccess(ODBC) Tests</ant:echo>
	<ant:property name="test.extra.excludes" value="**/*MsAccess*.java"/>
	<ant:echo>Excluding MsAccess(ODBC) Tests</ant:echo>
	<ant:property name="test.extra.excludes" value=""/>

Many thanks,

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