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From Brett Porter <>
Subject [vote] release gump 2.0 plugin
Date Wed, 29 Dec 2004 10:05:33 GMT

This plugin now generates somewhat more useful gump descriptors that 
have them built by Maven.

I'll do a bit more doco on the gotchas that still exist in gump before 
releasing it.

- Add property for overriding the module name
- Add junitreport element to the descriptor
- Add multiproject module for generating a single module with several 
projects within the one descriptor.
- Set as a property for the <maven element, instead of
- Set <home to ${basedir} instead of ${}, and set jar 
path relative to that
- Add nag element at module level
- Stop mapping Maven names to gump names inside the plugin, but allow 
the project to do this for itself
- Handle subversion as an SCM type

+1 from me.


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