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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: [proposal] Move Maven 1.x from CVS to Subversion
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2004 11:26:50 GMT
Ok, every seems pretty keen on this. I'll start investigating the 
necessary steps. In the mean time, if anyone has any different 
preferences for the layout, please say so.


Brett Porter wrote:

>I'd like to start a discussion about this to see what people think.
>The reasons:
>- timing is right as we wind down MAVEN-1_0-BRANCH
>- HTTPS makes it more practical behind firewalls
>- the tool support seems to be mostly there now (not perfect, but good enough)
>- is being encouraged ASF wide
>Proposed repositories to move:
>Proposed layout in svn:
>  maven-1
>    core (formerly maven)
>      trunk
>      branches
>      tags (hereafter abbreviated as t/b/t)
>    plugins
>      t/b/t
>    plugins-sandbox
>      t/b/t
>    jelly-tags
>      t/b/t
>(and later on...)
>  wagon
>    t/b/t
>  scm
>    t/b/t
>  components (or maven-2?)    
>    maven-core
>      t/b/t
>    maven-model
>      t/b/t
>    ...
>Some points:
>* Why t/b/t at plugins level, not for individual plugins?
>easier to maintain the current structure, and plugins are infrequently branched.
>When they are branched/tagged, they would be copied to, for example,
>The fact that this causes a different relative path to the extended parent is
>problematic, so developing on the branch would require switcing your checkout to
>the branch (which is possible), much like is done with CVS. I don't see an easy
>way to avoid this (except for m2 style parent POM references :)
>* What about Maven's subversion support?
>The only remaining plugin missing support is maven-scm-plugin. I'm going to look
>at adding it quickly, then revisit that plugin later to use maven-scm once it is
>What do others think?
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