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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [proposal] Move Maven 1.x from CVS to Subversion
Date Sun, 05 Dec 2004 22:09:14 GMT


Really the timing as U said sounds about right.  Also this helps 
progress the use and development of the SCM plugin.  BTW there was a 
pure Java SVN client in the works out there.  Down the road it might be 
useful for adding more SCM goals to beef up the plugin:


Brett Porter wrote:

>I'd like to start a discussion about this to see what people think.
>The reasons:
>- timing is right as we wind down MAVEN-1_0-BRANCH
>- HTTPS makes it more practical behind firewalls
>- the tool support seems to be mostly there now (not perfect, but good enough)
>- is being encouraged ASF wide
>Proposed repositories to move:
>Proposed layout in svn:
>  maven-1
>    core (formerly maven)
>      trunk
>      branches
>      tags (hereafter abbreviated as t/b/t)
>    plugins
>      t/b/t
>    plugins-sandbox
>      t/b/t
>    jelly-tags
>      t/b/t
>(and later on...)
>  wagon
>    t/b/t
>  scm
>    t/b/t
>  components (or maven-2?)    
>    maven-core
>      t/b/t
>    maven-model
>      t/b/t
>    ...
>Some points:
>* Why t/b/t at plugins level, not for individual plugins?
>easier to maintain the current structure, and plugins are infrequently branched.
>When they are branched/tagged, they would be copied to, for example,
>The fact that this causes a different relative path to the extended parent is
>problematic, so developing on the branch would require switcing your checkout to
>the branch (which is possible), much like is done with CVS. I don't see an easy
>way to avoid this (except for m2 style parent POM references :)
>* What about Maven's subversion support?
>The only remaining plugin missing support is maven-scm-plugin. I'm going to look
>at adding it quickly, then revisit that plugin later to use maven-scm once it is
>What do others think?
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