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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: please review: another site drop
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2004 09:10:46 GMT
Eric Pugh wrote:

>Looks better, but I agree that the left nav is too long..  It's almost
>overwhelming, I am not sure where to look...
I've just dropped another version - let me know if this is more what you 
were thinking.

>So, some suggestions in no specific order:
>1) Getting Maven and Getting Started seem like they should be the same
>thing?  I can't get started with out getting maven, and if I already have
>Maven, I probably don't need the installation instructions.
I moved the installation instructions, though I thought it helpful to 
have the "latest stuff" bit at the top.

>2) Using Maven and Reference seem like they could be in the same section,
>and be collapsed submenus?  Or, maybe just move some things:
I've fiddled with this too and taken on some suggestions.

>3) I like the Related Projects section, I think it is key.  However, the
>Maven Project heading seems to repeat the site..  Could you remove that and
>relocate Maven-Plugins under something else?  That would save some space.
This was because the subprojects weren't shown. I've changed this a bit 
now - but they are more important than the related ones.

>4) Move Maven Developers as a submenu of Project Documentation.  Folks who
>care about project docs will also care about the stuff under Maven
That requires fiddling with xdoc, which is out of scope for now. I've 
actually moved the developers stuff to the bottom, but am trying to 
think about how it could be more of a "contributors" section.

>5) Move news and maven-blogs up..  People like to see that stuff when
>evaluating a new project.
Yeah, I'm thinking you might be right, though the roadmap probably only 
makes sense to people already familiar. However, the backwards compat 
and release notes in the first menu are likewise.

- Brett

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