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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Adding sourcepath to Eclipse plugin..
Date Fri, 24 Sep 2004 14:13:15 GMT
I think this is definitely something we need for IDEs (as well as 
linking to javadoc), however I think it also needs a little more 
discussion first before being put into eclipse.

It should be a strategy that encompases dependencies, artifact 
publishing, and all IDE plugins as well as fitting in with maven 2.0 plans.

I really don't like this properties syntax. The ID's will match, so I 
think it may be more of a global link source option, or a "with source" 
property if it is per dependency.

I'm a bit torn on this - I don't like the verbosity of having to list 
source deps alongside matching deps (And the fact they should be same), 
but I don't like the duplicity of ading multiple functions to a dependency.

Best that I sleep on it :) But its about time we started thinking about 
this one.

- Brett

Eric Pugh wrote:

>Hi all,
>I have been looking at " Add a
>property to dependencies to link to source".  It would be quite easy to add
>some sort of property to each dependency specifing the name of a file that
>would be in your repository.  Something like:
>		<dependency>
>			<groupId>commons-lang</groupId>
>			<artifactId>commons-lang</artifactId>
>			<version>2.0</version>
>			<url></url>
>			<properties>
>				<eclipse.src></eclipse.src>
>			</properties>
>		</dependency>
>Then the plugin would expect this file to exist in:
>	$MAVEN_REPO/commons-lang/src/commons-lang/
>Is this change worth making?  While you would have to manually download and
>install the jars, that way you don't have to configure another Eclipse
>classpath variable.  Is there anything I should be aware of in the next
>version of Maven that would conflict with this approach?
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