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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Property to run Unit Tests only once?
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2004 23:53:35 GMT
We've discused this before, and the resolution is that I'm going to change the
default session behaviour in maven 1.1 so that it only runs once. It's an easy
fix, but it will break stuff.

- Brett

Quoting Eric Pugh <>:

> Hi all,
> I've been faced in various situations where I am running the unit tests over
> and over..  The typical situation is when I do a deploy, I build the
> artifact, and then build the site docs.  This means the unit tests are run
> at least twice.  However, as far as the site docs are concerned, they only
> need the test-reports/ directory to be populated.  I was thinking of adding
> a property to the junit-report plugin that was called something like:
> maven.junit.test.runonce
> If true, and the xml unit test files existed, then they would be used, other
> if set to false, or the files are missing then the test:test goal would be
> called...?
> Alternatively, I was kicking around adding
> maven.test.runonce
> and if that is true, then the test:test goal would only run if it hadn't run
> before..  I am doing something similiar by putting a postGoal on test:test
> in my individual maven.xml files:
>   <postGoal name="test:test">
>    	<j:set var="maven.test.skip" value="true"/>
>   </postGoal>
> I'm also playing around with just including the Jcoverage report and the
> Junit report elements, as the xml generated by JCoverage is all that is
> needed for Junit report to do it's thing.
> Opinions?
> Eric Pugh
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