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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Multiple dependencies with the same id but different types
Date Thu, 02 Sep 2004 00:07:00 GMT
If no one can actually fix your problem, you can always build the 
adapter jar in one project and package it into the rar in another, with 
slightly different names.  I would definitely prefer that someone 
figure out how to have multiple dependencies such as you ask for.

david jencks

On Sep 1, 2004, at 1:24 PM, Felipe Leme wrote:

> Hi all,
> Here I am again without another weird issue (sorry if it was discussed 
> before, but I didn't find it on Jira/eyebrowse).
> Is there a known limitation that a project can't have more than one 
> dependency with the same id but different types?
> Before someone shouts 'use multi-project', let me explain my problem 
> first.
> I have a project that generates a Resource Adapter/Connector (from the 
> JCA API).  So, the main artifact for this project is a RAR, but it 
> also generates a JAR (as other projects that uses the connector at 
> runtime also needs to have access to its API at compiletime) and a ZIP 
> with the JBoss descriptors (in order to deploy the adapter, it's 
> necessary to deploy a descriptor too). Now I have another project that 
> depends on that connector. So, in order to compile that project, I 
> need a dependency on the JAR, and that's fine. But if I want to test 
> this new project using cactus, I need to deploy the RAR and the 
> descriptors on JBoss before runnning Cactus and hence define a preGoal 
> for cactus:test similar to this:
> 	<j:forEach var="lib" items="${pom.artifacts}">
>            <j:set var="dep" value="${lib.dependency}"/>
>            <j:set var="depType" value="${dep.type}"/>
>                <j:choose>
>                    <j:when test="${depType=='rar'}">
>                        <!-- deploy the rar on JBoss -->
>                    	<copy file="${fileToDeploy}" todir="${deployDir}"/>
>                    </j:when>
>                    <j:when test="${depType=='zip'}">
>                        <!-- unzip the descriptors and later deploy 
> then on JBoss -->
>                    	<unzip dest="${}/descriptors" 
> src="${fileToDeploy}"/>
>                    </j:when>
>                </j:choose>
>            </j:if>
>  	</j:forEach>
> But that piece of code does not work, as the iterator returns only one 
> dependency for that id, out of 3 defined at the POM (jar, rar and 
> zip).
> So, what do you guys thinks? Is this a bug or a known Maven 
> limitation? If that's a limitation, where should I change the code in 
> order to create a customized Maven that works as desired (I'm not that 
> familiar with Maven core yet, specially regarding the magical 
> xml-to-object transformations :-)?
> Regards,
> Felipe
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