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Subject RE: ant 1.6, classloader, etc WAS: some cvs commit
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2004 23:40:55 GMT
Brett Porter <> wrote on 06/01/2004 09:30:28 AM:

> If that's the case, can we assume that some tasks are missing where 
> might expect them to be there?

Yes, if people were using:
        - the nextrexxc task
        - the stylebook task
        - the VisualAge for Java tasks
        - Xalan1 as an XSL processor
        - XSLP as an XSL processor

My call was that there would be almost no plugins written using these 
tasks. I googled on maven plugin and the appropriate task before deciding.

> Anyway, I'm ok with the change, but we should probably do it properly. 

Can you expand on 'do it properly'?

> happy to break compatibility in this case and not include any optional 
> and push them out to the individual plugins that need them and include 
it in
> the next release notes as a gotcha.

Optional tasks were always problematic for users of maven, as they have to 
know the magic classloader syntax to make them available. Very few people 

There are also new tasks in Ant 1.6 we can use to make ssh etc easier.
dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting

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