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From Maczka Michal <>
Subject Some thought about SNAPSHOT dependencies.
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2004 14:29:29 GMT
I am trying to find about the best practices related to SNAPSHOT
More and more I think about them I find that some things are rather not
clear and quite inconsistent.

There is one misleading thing: We often find in POMs (maven, maven plugins
do that):


(I understand that <currentVersion>1.1-SNAPSHOT</currentVersion> denotes
that next release will be 1.1.)

It is possible to do

maven  jar:install   (will put maven-1.1-SNAPSHOT to repository) 
maven  jar:install-snapshot (will put maven-SNAPSHOT to repository)

Do we really intend to have two different types of snapshots? 

     <version>1.1-SNAPSHOT</version>  (latest version of 1.1 branch)


     <version>SNAPSHOT</version> (latest version which can come from any of
the branches)

If not maybe we can just have one single "install" goal instead of "install
and "install-snapshot"?
"jar:install" goal executed on project which current version is 1.1-SNAPSHOT
will deploy a snapshot version of jar.

Maybe indeed it is reasonable to lock usage of snapshot to one branch (like

AFAIR there were some discussions about introducing something which denotes
latest released version (something like maven-RELEASE).
Maybe we should use those things together?

Any ideas?


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