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From Dalibor Topic <>
Subject Building maven CVS under free runtimes (kaffe): Breaks during compilation
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2004 13:24:36 GMT
Hi all,

I'm a kaffe developer currently discovering the wonderful world of maven 
;) It seems like a very nice tool to me, and the kaffe project uses it 
for managing the docbook documentation. Maven 1.0 rc1 doesn't run out of 
the box with kaffe (yet), but with a small patch to maven [1], and a few 
patches to kaffe's latest CVS it's possible to get quite far [2].

Encouraged by this, I tried to build maven's latest CVS with kaffe, and 
again, I got quite far with maven jar. Unfortunately, the compilation 
doesn't succeed:

bash-2.05a$ MAVEN_OPTS=-Dbuild.compiler=kjc maven jar
  __  __
|  \/  |__ _Apache__ ___
| |\/| / _` \ V / -_) ' \  ~ intelligent projects ~
|_|  |_\__,_|\_/\___|_||_|  v. 1.0-rc1-SNAPSHOT


     [echo] Compiling to /tmp/topic/maven/target/classes
     [javac] Compiling 93 source files to /tmp/topic/maven/target/classes
error:Cannot find type "sun/misc/BASE64Encoder"


Since no good code uses sun internal classes, I'm sure it would be 
possible to remove the reference to "sun/misc/BASE64Encoder", in order 
to make it compile on free runtimes, as well.

I believe ant had a similar problem, and it was fixed by using 
reflection. Of course, putting

              sun.misc.BASE64Encoder encoder =
                     (sun.misc.BASE64Encoder) Class.forName(
                         "sun.misc.BASE64Encoder" ).newInstance();

straight in the code, makes the point of using reflection quite moot ;)

dalibor topic

[1] Remove the unmecessary tools.jar entry in forehead.conf
maven jar works fine. maven site:generate breaks due to some code using 
some unportable (i.e. sun internal) classes.

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