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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: maven-model-tools to maven-model-xml
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT

Thanks for all your help!

> From: Jason van Zyl <>

> I was going to move maven-model-tools to maven-model-xml to indicate the
> model being in XML form. I'm doing so as Alex wants to try and make a
> tool that pulls the model from LDAP so 'maven-model-tools' isn't exactly
> a helpful or meaningful name. So was thinking it could grow for things
> like:
> maven-model-xml
> maven-model-ldap
> maven-model-db

And BTW I've been thinking a factory pattern (factory method perhaps) can 
be used to invoke the appropriate factory that builds the model from 
its respective storage mechanism.  If that's route you guys take in the
future then the factory implementations have a home now without stepping 
on one another.  

If later on you actually want to have model deployment and authoring 
tools the model factorys could implement all the CRUD operations
on the various model classes (value objects).  Although CRUD does not
matter to XML which is rewritten every time it may be valuable for 
models stored in databases and LDAP.  In XML an update implementation
for example would recreate the file whereas a database update would
apply store optimization to make the operation more efficient rather
than deleting and recreating the entire model ...

Thanks again,

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