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Subject RE: release beta-11?
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2003 01:54:58 GMT
Brett Porter <> wrote on 11/09/2003 11:15:51 AM:

> My concern is calling something RC1 then making changes to the way 
> work that could break other people's stuff before 1.0.

I'm not planning (and I didn't think the roadmap had) any new features 
atm, especially after you moved them :-)

> Also, calling something RC1 before we really consider it worthy of that 
> probably not great.
I'm ok with it being called a last beta if you prefer.

> Also, I'm not sure 1.0 is the next jump after RC1. 1.0-final should be
> 1.0-RC2 and nothing scheduled for 1.0 yet. There are 39 bugs against
> 1.0-final (and as far as I can tell these are now all bugs, no 
> I'm pretty sure that if we fix all of them, then release, new ones will 
> introduced.
That's life. 

I'm not aiming to release bug free software. It's impossible given the 
unit test coverage we have.

> Not that it all matters, its just version naming - but might as well 
> to conventions. The Struts 1.1 cycle annoyed me no-end. Significant 
> seemed to appear between the RC and the final :)
Ok, anyone else have a view. I'm +0 on the RC1/beta11 call.

> As for me, I've got Friday night/Saturday to spare and work on stuff. I 
> look at the memory leak again, but my time is probably spent on things 
> more familiar with. As I understand it, Jason is still in the drivers 
> for fixing the leak?
Nope, it's with me at the moment. I've had one go and realised I don't 
know enough about how goals are attained, so I went back and read Werkz.

I've had a hell of a week, and will have lots more time coming up.
dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting

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