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From "Fabrizio Giustina" <>
Subject RE: StatCvs 2.0-SNAPSHOT is ready for trial...
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2003 22:40:27 GMT

>> Having had a quick look at the jelly script it looks like it's not
>> the repository defined in project.xml:
>>          <!-- FIXME : We must use, with cvs, the connection string
>>               in project.xml -->
>>          <ant:cvs command="-q log" output="${statcvs.logfile}"/>

> Actually, I wrote that comment ages ago and I'm not sure we need to
> the repo defined in project.xml. If you used the repo of basedir it
> always be correct, right?

I'm not sure that ignoring the project.xml settings is the best

I've tried the statcvs plugin and I'm not able to make it working with
my current configuration. I'm using eclipse built-in cvs client which
uses the :extssh: connection method. 
Other plugins work fine since they use the pserver connection defined in
the project.xml, but statcvs hangs with a NullPointerException because
the cvs client can't understand ":extssh:".

I think the default connection should always be the one configured in
project.xml (the consistent behavior for all the plugins), maybe
allowing users to override it with plugin-specific properties.

My 2 cents

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