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From "Fabrizio Giustina" <>
Subject RE: reusability of xdoc:performJSL goal & new plugin
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2003 08:40:52 GMT
the doc:jsl tag allow you to easily transform a document using a stylesheet, but I also need
to inherit the project settings for style and navigation. 
This logic is only implemented in the doc:performJSL tag, wich doesn't work if called from
another plugin. This is the result:
File...... file:/C:/Documents and Settings/UE01571/.maven/plugins/maven-xdoc-plugin-1.4-SNAPSHOT/
Element... j:setProperties
Line...... 249
Column.... 84
You must define an attribute called 'bean' for this tag.
line 249:   <j:setProperties object="${mapper}" from="${fromPattern}" to="${toPattern}"/>
${mapper} is initialized in the jelly-transform goal, and there are other properties in the
xdoc context missing.
If it could work there will be no reason for the odd xdoc:performJSL goal added only for the
linkcheck plugin. A clean solution will be modifying the performJSL tag to use attributes
and not global variables, removing the performJSL goal (well, I think that at least you should
change the name to a more clear "linkcheckJSL" at the moment, since it can be only used by
the linkcheck plugin).
- fabrizio

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	Subject: Re: reusability of xdoc:performJSL goal & new plugin

	Can't you use doc:jsl?
	dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting
	"Fabrizio Giustina" <> wrote on 16/09/2003 07:00:57
	> I've just written a new plugin which performs a validation of the
	> produced documentation, checking the xhtml code for errors and producing
	> a complete report.
	> Since the plugin need to run after the html generation has been
	> completed, it is registered in a way similar to the linkcheck plugin.
	> The real validation is done as a xdoc:jelly-transform post-goal.
	> The problem is how to transform the generated xdoc: the only way to do
	> that actually is the xdoc:performJSL goal which, however, is hardcoded
	> to use a linkcheck plugin variable
	> ($pom.getPluginContext('maven-linkcheck-plugin').getVariable('maven.xdoc
	> .src')). The performJSL tag can't be used directly since it requires
	> setting other variables/beans.
	> Is there any way to do that without adding another goal to the xdoc
	> plugin which uses a specific plugin property? (identical to the
	> performJSL goal but using
	> ($pom.getPluginContext('maven-sitevalidator-plugin').getVariable('maven.
	> xdoc.src') ). Any hint?

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