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From "Fabrizio Giustina" <>
Subject reusability of xdoc:performJSL goal & new plugin
Date Mon, 15 Sep 2003 21:00:57 GMT

I've just written a new plugin which performs a validation of the
produced documentation, checking the xhtml code for errors and producing
a complete report.

Since the plugin need to run after the html generation has been
completed, it is registered in a way similar to the linkcheck plugin.
The real validation is done as a xdoc:jelly-transform post-goal.

The problem is how to transform the generated xdoc: the only way to do
that actually is the xdoc:performJSL goal which, however, is hardcoded
to use a linkcheck plugin variable
.src')). The performJSL tag can't be used directly since it requires
setting other variables/beans.

Is there any way to do that without adding another goal to the xdoc
plugin which uses a specific plugin property? (identical to the
performJSL goal but using
xdoc.src') ). Any hint?


After fixing this issue the plugin can be ready for an initial release.
The new plugin can be useful to check the validity of code for
documentation (as well as finding bugs in other plugins: actually both
the xdoc and the jxr plugin output invalid code). It relies on a
modified version of the xmlvalidate ant task: it can perform Xhtml
validation, and includes a local repository of commons dtds.

I know the common process of posting a new plugin to be included in
maven, but following the dev mailing list I know that most of the
plugins will be probably removed from the maven core. Are you interested
to host this plugin in the main distribution on should I find a new home
for it on sourceforge or any other place? Or maybe could it be merged
with the linkcheck plugin, since they both handles document validation?

Fabrizio Giustina

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