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From Gilles Dodinet <>
Subject Re: [aspectj] Changing behavior of aspectj plugin, is it ok?
Date Sun, 21 Sep 2003 14:55:21 GMT

Although it actually works fine when putting standard classes containing 
inner aspects inside aspectSourceDirectory, i find it a little 
confusing. Indeed in that case the primary cu isnot an aspect by itself 
but rather an almost pojo, and putting it in aspectSourceDirectory just 
because it has an inner aspect seems strange to me, in particular when 
theres f.i. only a few classes that should be moved to aspects directory 
(that is we lose some consistency here) ; I would rather see 
aspectSourceDirectory like a container for all top-level aspects only.

As for testing aspects, i agree this can be the role of another 
plugin/goal ; but my point was that i dont clearly understand why there 
would be a unitTestSourceDirectory element in the pom but no 
aspectUnitTestSourceDirectory since there is already an 
aspectSourceDirectory nearby the sourceDirectory element.


-- gd

Vincent Massol wrote:

>Hi Gilles,
>Aspects have to be placed under <aspectSourceDirectory/>. What do you
>call inner aspects? Aspects that are declared inside a standard java
>source file? If so, then these files would need to be put under
><aspectSourceDirectory/> but that would work I think.
>Now WRT the different scenarios. That's fine but I'm only talking about
>weaving aspects in project files ATM. That's the goal of this aspectj
>plugin (that was my goal when I created it a year or so ago and I'd like
>to keep it like this). 
>For other use cases, I'd suggest to create other
>plugins but not to mix concerns. For example, I have on my laptop an
>ajtest pluging which performs aspectj unit testing (i.e. it weaves aop
>unit tests located in a src/aspectj-test directory and run junit tests).
>Other scenarios can be accommodated by other plugins.
>Nonetheless, thanks for all these nice ideas! :-)

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