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From Colin Sampaleanu <>
Subject Why is from ${user.home} the most dominant
Date Sat, 20 Sep 2003 19:41:06 GMT
I wanted to get the rationale as to why from 
${user.home} is more dominant than and from the project dir.

This has always seemed ass-backwards to me, and is in fact backwards to 
the order in which a number of ant projects I've seen (and mine) always 
did it. I always use ${} in user home as a source of 
default values, which can then be overriden on a project by project 
basis, as needed.  If instead ${user.home} properties are the most 
dominant, those properties can not be used as a source of any defaults 
any longer, since they would wipe out any customizations in the project 

Now I take it that the Maven devs have always seen 
${user.home}/ not as a source of default values, but as 
a way to override project values, but in this respect I think that 
location is almost useless, since you would override all projects on the 
system, and in any case, there exists a mechanism at the project level 
to override properties, that is, at the project level 
being dominant over

I took a look through various open-source projects to see how their ant 
files did it. It's interesting that you find both orders in 
jakarta-commons, not very-consistent. You also find both orders in other 
projects. Generally though, from what I could see, the majority of the 
projects (if they used a from ${user.home} at all, make 
the local project one the most dominant. I also found some projects 
where the file in ${user.home} was called something else, not Again, generally those values are overriden by local 

Somewhat of an unfortunate mess... Is there any chance I can convince 
you guys to reverse the order?


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