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From Norbert Pabiś <>
Subject Re: [offtopic] Re: Core plugins?
Date Sat, 13 Sep 2003 17:12:04 GMT
Jason van Zyl wrote:
> On Fri, 2003-09-12 at 12:04, Norbert Pabiś wrote:
>>There should much more documentation in plexus xdocs.
> No there shouldn't. Although there is a plexus user that wants to work
> on documentation there is a specific reason that I haven't written any
> and that is strictly to keep 99.99% of anyone looking at it from using
> it. Sounds paradoxical but true. Although it is very stable there are
> pieces that I want to change or rework and I'm not looking for any user
> base at the moment. With what is there I have found 10 or so people who
> develop with plexus and who have navigated the terrain just fine on
> their own and understand what's there. I'm getting very good feedback
> from that small group while I'm still focused on some design and
> testing. I am not interested in those who don't understand at this
> point.
> As with most things I do, I'm not looking to convince you to use plexus.
> Use what you like.

You don't have to convince me, really.
I am not going to use neither Plexus nor PicoContainer.
I just wanted to get familiar with them without developing anything,
and to know its potential and the way it is usually used.

For a person who wants to choose a container it is important
to see documentation that allows to choose the software, that
suits its needs or just to comprehend new technology and its ideas.

 From this point of view, PicoContainer presents better.
Now I know you don't care about user base (at least nowadays), but
large user base is what makes open sources projects alive. In projects with
small user base if core developers quit the projects dies.
If you don't care about it - fine.
I just wanted to draw your attention to this fact.

> I see as a better investment of my time
> than writing documentation. Documentation is critical, I agree. But it
> is hard to write and not something I'm ready to do with plexus.
> In the future most people will know about plexus by way of Maven. Most
> people will probably use plexus without knowing it.

Reading Maven site I found this stuff extremely useful to me, so despite of
some holes in documentation I started to use it, reading jelly scripts 
and Java
sources when trouble appeared.
These allowed me to use Maven successfully.

Without enough documentation you get rid of people that may decide
to use that software. I mean lead programmers or architects who just
choose software components without hacking with them immediately.

However, you still may pay no attention to it.
It is free world. I am far from pushing you to anything.
You decide how you invest your time - it is all volunteer effort.
Plexus probably is a good piece of software, I just thought that
you care about user base.

Norbert Pabiś

Nobody expects the Debian Inquisition!
Our two weapons are fear and surprise... and ruthless efficiency!

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