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From Norbert Pabiś <>
Subject Re: Core plugins?
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2003 07:18:45 GMT wrote:
>>First my mail wasn't about discussing the way plugins are 
>>referenced. I thought this had already been discussed and agreed (i.
>>e. using project.xml and <dependencies>).
> This is only one solution, and not one we want to enforce on users.
> The plugin plugin has a partially completed goal to download and install 
> plugins. This is what we would like people to do.
This is good, because projects generally should not depend on
specific maven version and any plugin version.
Any maven version should build all project artifacts as long as
POM version remains the same.
And this is first case, when there is no maven.xml in project, just 

The second is when project has its own maven.xml, with goals that
depends on plugins. Here project should define its dependencies from
maven version and plugin versions.

However this case can be reverted to the first one by packaging custom goals
from maven.xml to custom downloadable plugin.
And now we have problems I address below.

>>BTW, I don't know if plugin versions are supportede right now, i.e. 
>>if it is possible to have the same plugin loaded twice, but with 
>>different versions...
> It is at the moment, and this is bad.
To mention just two things:
- separated downloadable plugins must have defined dependency from
specific maven version - it might depend on its API and specific POM version

- plugins that simply change goals from other plugins, should
have set dependency on them what can result in conflicts

How will they be handled?

Norbert Pabiś

Nobody expects the Debian Inquisition!
Our two weapons are fear and surprise... and ruthless efficiency!

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