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From Norbert Pabiś <>
Subject Re: Core plugins?
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2003 15:40:48 GMT
Vincent Massol wrote:
> Hi Norbert,
> First my mail wasn't about discussing the way plugins are referenced. 
 > I thought this had already been discussed and agreed (i.e. using 
project.xml and <dependencies>).
I don't want to change that. All I wanted is to share that idea about 
plugin independence from project.
The plugin:install I mentioned can coexist with plugins in 
<dependencies>. It just enables people to focus
on compiling, testing and running project while writing dependencies.

> Then your solution doesn't handle plugin versions. 
It can be handled easily -D"plugin.version=1.3"
You can add anything missing as system variable.

 > One project may want to use such plugin in version 1.0 and another 
may want to use another version.
 > Here's an example: the checkstyle plugin. One project is using 
checkstyle 2.4 and another one is using checkstyle 3.1.
>  BTW, I don't know if plugin versions are supportede right now, i.e. if it is possible
to have the same plugin 
 > loaded twice, but with different versions...
See, plugins are different from simple jar dependencies...

Norbert Pabiś

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