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From "Brian Murray" <>
Subject RE: [jira] Updated: (MAVEN-831) Can't specify location of web.xml
Date Fri, 19 Sep 2003 16:47:27 GMT
Michal Macza said:

Flexibility is not necesserly a good thing.
In current shape of the plugin you are able to define pre- or post- goals
which will do the same exact thing as you patch does. War plugin is not
limiting your possibilities but if you want to do something non standard you
have to do this in non standard way. For me this is very resonable. Keeping
web xml  in location different then {maven.war.src}/WEB-INF/web.xml) is a no
standard thing. Mandating non standard project layouts through the set of
configurable properties is imho a very bad thing (even though many plugins
are written in this way).

I am not saying that the way how maven war plugin works currently is the
best thing possible, but if you have better idea how to structure
directories or where web.xml file should be kept - please speak out!

(Token Filtering in web.xml file is a bit different subject! I have nothing
against it!)

Brian Murray replies:
Fundamentally I agree.  Plugins with 395 properties to specify every
possible configuration are so complex to use that they're no more helpful
than a plugin with no configurable properties.  

In the case of the WAR plug-in I was interpreting a)the inclusion of the
maven.war.webxml in; and b)the reference to it in the tips
document; as indicating a design intent to allow a user of the plug-in to
specify the source of the web.xml file.

So, could I propose an alternative resolution:  delete the maven.war.webxml
property from the file and update tips.xml to show a
postGoal that doesn't rely on maven.war.webxml.  That would eliminate the
confusion I experienced which led me to open the issue.

Personally, I like the property and think it is useful and appropriate.  But
in the end I'm just a user.

Brian Murray
Vanderbilt University

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