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From Ben Walding <>
Subject FindBugs plugin
Date Sat, 30 Aug 2003 01:14:32 GMT
I committed a FindBugs report plugin yesterday.  Basically it is a 
static class file checker that analyzes your class files for well known 
bug patterns.

For instance, here are the results from running it against Maven

M UCF: Useless control flow in 
org.apache.maven.DefaultProjectUnmarshaller.parse(  At[line 679]
M DE: org.apache.maven.MavenUtils.loadProperties( 
might ignore  At[line 916]
M UuF: Unused field:
M UrF: Unread field: org.apache.maven.cli.App.consoleErr
M UrF: Unread field: org.apache.maven.jelly.tags.jeez.JeezTagLibrary.log
M DE: org.apache.maven.repository.AbstractArtifact.verify() might ignore 
java.lang.Exception  At[line 213]
M DE: 

might ignore  At[line 207]
M DE: 

might ignore java.lang.Exception  At[line 249]
M DE: 

might ignore java.lang.Exception  At[line 173]
M OS: org.apache.maven.util.MD5Sum.getBytes( may fail to 
close stream  At[line171]

Ultimately it will be prettied up, but the XML output from FindBugs is 
not currently easy enough to use.



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