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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: smart reactor proposal
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2003 00:32:08 GMT
> I'm not sure I can glean the use case from what you're describing. What
> is it you're trying to do?

We have a project which is all one unit, and currently use reactor to 
build all the subprojects, some of which are dependant on each other. 
Some are JARs and some are WARs.

At the moment, you either build just one, or build them all. The thought 
I had was that if you build just one, based on a flag it could also 
build its dependencies, so you get a complete build for that one 
component, without building other subprojects that you aren't working on 
(even if they haven't changed, the reactor takes some time to check that).


finserv-webapp depends on portfolios and markets
portfolios depends on retriever
markets depends on retriever

So building war:webapp inside finserv-webapp should build portfolios, 
markets, retriever via the reactor first.

Just building portfolios.jar though would build only portfolios and 

Does that make sense? Can you think of an alternative structure that 
would alleviate the need to do this?


Web Developer
f2 network ~ everything essential
02 8596 4437

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