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From "Michal Maczka" <>
Subject RE: Setting up Maven-New
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 11:35:30 GMT

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> Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 2003 1:15 PM
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> Subject: RE: Setting up Maven-New
> > > In particular because I have seen better decomposition allowing me to
> > > e.g. extend the Project class and parse the project.xml myself.
> > >
> > Certainly there are side effects of the decomposition made in maven-new
> > which might result in such temptation to "personalize" your instance
> > of maven.
> > But if something is technicaly possible it does not necessarily mean
> > that it should be applied/used.
> Well, we need a few features that cannot be integrated into the old maven
> without actually changing the whole lot, while it can be plugged in as a
> component easily in maven new's structure.
> We have got two specific requirements.  One is that we cannot use the
> central repository, but are bound to a local FTP repository, which follows
> other naming conventions than the ones proposed by Maven.

The layout in repository was intentionally fixed. There are good reasons for
I think that support for other protocols than file:// and http://  can be
if there will be more users demanding it.
If you want to use ftp:// you can rise an issue in JIRA.

I personally think that it is easier to set up own web server then ftp
And FTP protocol is much more limited that HTTP/WebDav and etc. So I don't
see a reason
to use it.

> The other thing is dat we need to support and publish multiple target
> artifacts per project, and we need to be able to specify this
> somehow using
> the Project class, meaning we need to parse the project.xml file
> ourselves,
> although it is just a little extension.

I don't think that one project should produce more than one "heavy" artifact
like jar, war ejb etc.
But it's/ will be completely perfect for the project to publish multiple
artifacts like: jar, javadoc, src, pom
Usage patterns for both scenarios were frequently discussed on this list and
are supported
by Maven old.

> If you can show me how to do this with plugins in the old Maven,
> I would be
> glad to do so, but I'm afraid Maven old is just not flexible
> enough for our
> needs...
> Regards,
> Gino.


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