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From Michal Maczka <>
Subject RE: cvs commit: maven/src/plugins-build/artifact project.xml
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2003 07:52:01 GMT
> I really don't appreciate this kind of name reuse - sftp is a protocol
> registered by the IETF (tcp/115). It was rather silly of JCraft to use
> that name for their scp implementation. Let's do better than them and
> have JavaScpDeployer (and possibly ExternalScpDeployer, if we want to
> keep it for whatever reasons).

There is misunderstanding here.

SCP and SFTP are clearly two different things, and JSCH supports them both,

Every host which runs SSH2 Protocol suite provides bunch of different
services. scp and sftp are just two of them.

More about SFTP:

SCP has really pure functionality comparing to SFTP. 
Specially JCraft implementation of sftp is as easy to use as commons-net ftp

Bob has checked yesterday and both ibiblio and codehause are supporting

I believe that from the point of view of the end user there is no difference
if deployer is working over SSH and actually uses scp or sftp.

I can reincarnate SCP deployer, but SFTP seems more accurate to use.


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