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From Michal Maczka <>
Subject RE: Maven web site and Wiki
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2003 11:30:47 GMT
If we can make it happen it will be great.
Anything to improve documentation is a change in good direction (as long as
can be controlled)!



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From: Vincent Massol [] 
Sent: Friday, June 06, 2003 1:01 PM
To: 'Maven Developers List'
Subject: Maven web site and Wiki


Here are some facts:
- Our Maven web site contains lots of inaccuracies and would not suffer
from additional documentation
- Some Maven users would be happy to contribute if we gave them easy
tools for that.

The idea:

- Transform our web site from a static web site into a Wiki web site.
- But not any wiki! One that saves topics in XML format. For example the
MoinMoin wiki saves topic in xdocs format (stylebook style unfortunately
but that's not too far from our xdocs format and could probably be
easily modified )
- Second step: hook the wiki to CVS so that modifications are saved in
our Maven CVS, directly in xdocs format. This is possible with MoinMoin
and probably with others too.
- Note: The MoinMoin wiki also has a "comment" field that could be used
as the CVS commit message. We could force the need to have a non-blank
text if we wish to make sure there are commit messages.
- We get automatically CVS email notifications whenever pages are
modified and we can thus easily control the changes made to the wiki and
correct when and if needed.

- We keep the advantage of our xdocs
- We can still edit xdocs directly should we wish
- Anyone can contribute easily to the documentation and we get good and
up to date Maven documentation.

If we agree, there are things to do:
- We need to find a machine where the wiki could run (it could be a
machine provided by a Friend Of Maven or an Apache one if there's one
- We need someone to look at MoinMoin (or another wiki) to perform the
  - find how to hook it to CVS
  - find how to change the default style to be the Maven style
  - find how to modify the DTD so that the xdocs are in the Maven xdocs
  - find how to define where xdocs are saved in CVS so that we try to
match the existing locations of xdocs
- We need a Wiki admin

What do you think?


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