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From Ben Walding <>
Subject Re: Unable to set property with a dash in the key
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2003 03:55:44 GMT
This sounds like bug listed in MAVEN-410?

You seem to have tracked it down a bit more, so adding your information 
to MAVEN-410 would be appreciated.

That being said, as I understand things, JEXL is interpreting the dashes 
as subtraction (mathematical) which is not so useful.

I'm not necessarily convinced that jexl is wrong, but we really need to 
sort this out as the same kind of thing occurs with dots (.)

Simmerman, Eric wrote:

>I am unable to set a property with a dash in the key. When I use either
><property> or <jelly:core:set> to set a property with a dash in the key,
>echoing the key will result in "0" on the console. I spent a little time
>tracking this bug, and I can't find it in the "set" control flow or Jelly's
>Context implementation. Can someone verify this issue in the latest
>   <goal name="testme">
>        <j:set var="dash-key">checked</j:set>
>         <echo>${dash-key}</echo>
>         <property name="dash-key" value="works"/>
>         <echo>${dash-key}</echo>
>   </goal>
>I think the issue could reside in Jelly's Expression evaluator. Could it be
>in the echo tag?  If this group denies responsibilitiy but confirms the
>issue, I'll take it to the Jelly group.
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